President Salva Kiir urges the public to prioritize agriculture

Salva Kiir, President of the Republic of Salva Kiir, urged household farmers and idlers to get involved in agriculture to improve their lives.

Kiir stated this during a Saturday visit to his Luri Payam farms, West of Juba.

Agriculture is an important tool for eradicating poverty and dependence.

The Head-of-State praised those who spoke to the media.

He stated that he had responded to his call and engaged in agriculture and other productive activities.

"If we all do the work, this will increase production and stop us complaining about hunger.

You can plant a small area in front of your house as you can see behind me,"

He said this while pointing out a large area of rice plantation.

"Rice plantation can only be grown in areas with waterlogged soils, but we were able to succeed here.

So I request anyone to consider transplanting in his or her place.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that up to 95 percent of South Sudanese depend on farming, herding, or fishing.