Why it’s crucial to digitalise the agriculture sector 

Every sector of the economy has been affected by digital technology, and agriculture is not an exception.

The least digitalized sector of Uganda is the agriculture sector

The value chain is still being hampered by the insufficient adoption of technology, innovations, and mechanization.

Platform "Community Pass" to improve the livelihood of remote communities

Held under the theme "Fostering Resilient Commercial Agriculture for Agro-Industrialization & Wealth Creation"

The show was geared towards encouraging digitalization in all sectors by farmers and other players.

Digitalization of agriculture is a priority for meeting the food challenges.

Also, nutrition insecurity, youth unemployment, and climate change are all factors that affect overall economic growth.

It is therefore imperative that youth entrepreneurs are supported by digital platforms in order to increase inclusion, 

especially for women, in the agricultural value chain.

especially for women, in the agricultural value chain.

The Digital Doors program in Uganda will make a huge difference in terms of boosting productivity, and financial inclusion, and driving sustainable growth within our communities.