Atal New India Challenge: Agriculture-Millet

Atal Innovation Mission now accepts applications for the Atal New India Challenge, which is under the theme of Agriculture-Millet.

Atal New India Challenge, a flagship program of NITI Aayog and Atal Innovation Mission is a key program.

This program is designed to support, nurture, and select technology-based innovations.

These solutions solve sectoral problems of national significance and societal relevance

Find ways to increase the efficiency of millet processing (dehulling and separation, polishing, etc.). While preserving the nutritional value, develop solutions to improve millet processing efficiency (dehulling, separation etc.).

Millets are very nutritious and have been shown to be healthy

Find ways to increase the shelf life of millets

Grains, processed grains, flours, etc. It can be compared to other crops

The Millet supply chain is affected by inconsistent supply and demand, which makes it less viable commercially.

Low crop productivity has been caused by the inaccessibility to HYV seeds.

Organic Valley farm receives a new grant from the U.S. Agriculture Secretary

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